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Deadly wrong-way accident with taxi blamed on drunk student

A college student is accused of driving drunk and causing a wrong-way car accident on Highway 101 in the San Francisco area earlier in October. The violent head-on collision caused the death of a passenger in a taxi and injured the cab driver, along with another passenger.

The California Patrol says that the suspect was going the wrong way on 101 in South San Francisco early on a Saturday. Wrong-way drivers on highways are frequently intoxicated. They become confused and get onto the highway through an off-ramp or by making an improper turn. However, they still go highway speeds, as do the drivers going the right way. Readers can imagine the horrifying head-on impact that can result.

City settles boy’s garbage truck accident claim for $18.5M

It took two years, but the city of San Diego is paying to compensate a boy who lost a leg after being struck by a garbage truck. The boy’s parents said the $18.5 million settlement will help accommodate their son’s disability, allowing him to be more independent.

The boy, now 11, was riding his skateboard on a city street when a garbage truck driving on a cross street made an illegal turn, according to the family’s attorney, and drove over him. He fell and was run over by the large truck’s undercarriage. Besides suffering internal injuries, the boy’s left leg was amputated by the truck.

Bad left turn causes bus accident in Bay Area, injures 4

It is the sort of news no parent wants to hear: that their son or daughter was in a bus accident on the way to or from school. A recent collision of this sort in San Jose recently injured at least three teenage passengers, along with an adult. The cause of the bus accident is still under investigation.

It was a little after 4 p.m. on Oct. 3, suggesting that the bus was taking students home from San Jose High School for the day. The bus was going west when a pickup truck attempted a left turn too close to the large vehicle, a California Highway Patrol officer said.

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