Key benefits of a Legal Nurse Consultant

  • Time-saving – Reading, interpreting and finding merit in cases take time. We can identify deviations from the standard of care and other factors such as duty, breech of duty, causation and damages. You receive clear, concise reports allowing you to prepare your case for success.
  • Cost efficiency – Reduces costly physician fees.
  • Comprehensive Reports – In-depth report writing enhances your understanding of the medical issues of the case.
  • Experience – A legal nurse consultant has a background of medical experience for which interpretation of medical records is a daily task.
  • Professionalism/Confidentiality – As an active member of the medical team, confidentiality is held in the highest regard. Our team maintains a high level of professionalism at all times.

Quality – Screening the medical record for merit, interpreting what is in the medical record, knowing what is missing from the medical records and preparing chronological time lines are just a few of the services that can assist you in winning your case. In addition, our 100% Risk Free Guarantee stands behind our products and our legal nurse consultants.

Basic services, backed by our guarantee, include:

  • Case screening for merit with opinion regarding causation and damage issues
  • Identify applicable standards of care and apply to case
  • Provide opinions regarding adherence to, and deviations from, the standard of care
  • ft. Lauderdale lawyer
  • Prepare interrogatories and requests for production
  • Conduct and summarize literature searches in order to bolster a case position
  • Locate expert witnesses through a national network
  • Schedule, attend and report independent medical examination appointments

Conduct classes for legal staff on various medically related topics

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