Hard-Core Drunken Drivers Major Cause of Fatal Car Accidents Involving Alcohol

According to the National Transportation Safety Board hard-core drunken driving causes more than 70 percent of fatal car accidents that involve alcohol. Hard-core drunken drivers are defined as drivers who operate their vehicles with a blood alcohol content of 0.15 percent, or are drunken driving offenders who have been arrested for drunken driving more than once in a period of ten years. According to the traffic safety director of AAA hard-core drunken drivers as a class are more resistant to safety campaigns and legal measures against drinking and driving than any other class of driver.

Since the early 1980s the American public has undergone a cultural shift accepting that drinking and driving is a fatal combination. At that time half of the fatalities that occurred on the road were because of drunken drivers. In 2009, just over one third of highway deaths were related to a drunken driving crash. One woman who discovered the scene of her own husband’s fatal car accident can attest to the destruction that hard-core drunken driving causes and how a monroe criminal defense lawyer can come into play.

The woman and her husband were married for 23 years and like many married couples the woman knew her husband’s routine. That is why it was worrying one morning when her husband’s work called to tell the woman that her husband was late. Immediately, the woman knew something was wrong and she set out to drive along the path her husband took to work. Along her drive she came across a terrible two vehicle accident where a truck had crashed and landed on top of an unrecognizable car. Unknowingly, the woman had just discovered her husband’s car accident scene. The truck had rear-ended her husband’s car. The driver of the truck had been driving that morning with a 0.19 percent blood alcohol level.

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