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Automobile Collisions

When a person negligently operates a vehicle, resulting in injury or death to another person, then the injured victim may bring a lawsuit against the vehicle operator, the operator’s employer, and/or the vehicle owner.

Medical Negligence

These cases generally involve lawsuits against doctors, hospitals, or other healthcare providers because of their failure to properly diagnose or treat an injury or disease, which results in injury or death to the patients.

Products Liability

These cases involve claims against the manufacturers, distributors, or retail sellers of products which, because of poor or improper design, malfunction and cause injury or death to our clients.

Commercial Litigation

When disputes exist among shareholders or partners in a business, or disagreements arise about contracts, trade secrets, zoning of property, or wills and estates, a lawsuit may be an appropriate means to resolve differences.

Highway Design and Maintenance

When a governmental body such as a county, township, or city fails to safely design or properly maintain some part of its roadway system, then it can be liable for a resulting injury or death to users of the roadway system.


A claim can be brought against a company or person engaging in discrimination based on race, sex, age, religion, or other factors, and damages may be sought for loss of actual wages.  In some instances, punitive damages may be allowed.

Sexual Harassment

When an employee has been harassed by a supervisor or someone in management, in a sexually inappropriate way, and, as a result, has been forced to work in a hostile work environment, a lawsuit may be appropriate.   The definition of what actually constitutes sexual harassment is complex and every case must be evaluated on its own facts.  If employers take reasonable care to prevent sexual harassment and respond promptly to correct properly reported sexual harassment, there may not be a case.

Police Misconduct

These cases generally involve situations where a law enforcement officer, without reasonable cause or provocation, uses more force than was necessary to restrain or subdue a citizen and the citizen incurs injuries because of the excessive force.

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