Colorado may soon have a legal limit for driving while drugged

As medical marijuana has become more commonly available in Colorado, the number of so-called “drugged driving” accidents has increased. In fact, Colorado saw 115 deaths caused by drugged drivers in 2010, and this number looks like it will continue to increase

While the majority of impaired driving deaths are caused by the use of alcohol as opposed to drugs, many have argued that Colorado should have clear laws defining illegal drugged driving as well.

Immigrant workers in resort communities often make easy targets for criminal investigations. The criminal defense process is confusing for nearly everyone suspected of a crime, but immigrants often face unique challenges.

Last weekend, police officers in Aspen, Colorado, arrested a 50-year-old immigrant who was working in the kitchen at Bentley’s bar and grill. The man has been accused of dealing cocaine. These criminal charges in West Palm carry serious consequences, and it is important that he understands his rights.

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